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Couples Fishing


We all enjoy the Tennessee outdoors in different ways. Some make it a competition, striving to catch the biggest fish or harvest the heaviest deer…others just enjoy being outside. Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby introduces us to Harry Foster, a man who didn’t start fishing until he was almost old enough to retire. With the help of his wife Carole and good friends Kenny and Susie Gregory, Harry’s learned that there can be a lot more to it than just wetting a line.

Some fishermen say they don’t really care if they catch anything; it’s just fun being out there. We’re not so sure that would apply here, because friends or not, there is always some competition in this group. But all four of them would tell you that it’s never too late to find your soulmate…OR to take them fishing.

If your looking for good fishing information, especially for Middle Tennessee, Harry recommends listening to Outdoors with Doug Markham on Super Talk 99.7 every Saturday morning from 5-7am or visiting Doug’s Facebook page where you’ll find lots of fishing reports, articles, and other good info.

Before you go fishing, be sure you have a license. You can purchase one online at the TWRA website. They even have a handy mobile web interface to make it easier to access from your mobile device.

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