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Conservation Fisheries

Over the years we’ve encountered some very special people and organizations dedicated to preserving the Wild Side of our great state. All have the common goal of ensuring a more certain future for wildlife and their habitat. That’s why we like to tell you about the good work being done by groups like Conservation Fisheries Incorporated.

CFI is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of our rivers and streams, often working to save small fish eliminated or badly harmed by pollution or habitat destruction. Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs tells the story of Pat Rakes and J.R. Shute, two University of Tennessee students who took their passion for our natural waters to a new level, in the process creating a better world for us all.

Reflecting the urgent need to preserve aquatic life, C-F-I’s work has steadily increased over the twenty years it’s been around. C-F-I monitors rare fish in at least six southeast states, working to rescue and restore non-game fish while checking water quality standards in rivers and streams. From show #2404.