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Coffee County Deer Rally

Have you ever heard the phrase, the responsibility of carrying a rifle into the woods on your first big deer hunt, is a right of passage most children never forget. The memory often comes with a level of confidence that you were confirmed by an adult who knew you were ready.  In Coffee County, it’s a real big deal, and celebrated at one of the largest youth sportsman deer rallies in the state. As Annette Nole Hall tells us, hundreds of hunters pack the place when the local fairgrounds turn Camo colored.

In addition to all the hunting gear these kids took home, there was one more reason for them to show up at the rally. Memories last longer if you can hang them on the wall, look up at them every now and then…and of course use them as bragging rights…so each child who harvested a deer also received a free head mount.

If you would like more information or would like to support this extraordinary event for the youth, please contact Tim Hancock 615-332-1944, Mason Russ 931-273-7171, Todd Watkins 931-273-9933, Richie Carter 931-224-7658, David Duvall 931-808-0845 or David Cleveland 931-580-7571.