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Caz’s First Fishing Trip

From east to west, Tennessee is adorned with natural wonders where you can canoe, kayak, hike, rock climb, or experience any number of other adventures. So consider the circumstances of a young family with a child who dreams of going fishing, but is so sick that exposure to places or people outside his home or a hospital room puts his life at risk. Wild Side Guide Steve Hall takes us along as this little boy finally gets a chance to experience the kind of opportunity many of us take for granted.

Casimir gets his name from a prince who, in the 13th century, became the only saint in Lithuanian history. Saint Casimir, who even has a day named after him, was cherished as the patron saint of youth by the Lithuanian people who tell stories of his life and miracles to this day. And now the story can be told of a new miracle involving a modern day Casimir… and his amazing fishing adventure.

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