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Buffalo Run

We’ve all seen the pictures and heard the thrilling stories of the great buffalo stampedes of the old West. Those involved the massive, furry, four-legged critters that once dominated the Great Plains. But the Buffalo we’re talking about today swim in Tellico Reservoir except for a few days in early April each year. That’s when thousands of buffalo fish make their spawning runs into nearby Citico Creek. The dark-colored fish quickly turn the creek into a frenzy of splashing water. The fishing’s not bad either, as Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows us.

Alan tells us there are no limits on the number of buffalo an angler can catch during the run but normal fishing regulations do apply. Buffalo fish were once an important food source for Native Americans, when twenty pounders were common. They can be a delicious meal for us today if prepared correctly. Here are a few recipes:,1917,145186-235201,00.html

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