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Buffalo River Trail Ride

People who walk on the Wild Side often view life with a slightly different perspective. It’s not about money, power or prestige. It is about the faith that families can still connect and find what is right in their relationships.

We’re not talking about psychotherapy, but the kind of calming that comes when you walk away from daily deadlines and meet Mother Nature on her own terms. It’s a change of pace where you can find out as much about yourself as you can the horses that bring hundreds of people together on the Buffalo River Trail Ride in Wayne County. Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall tells us what it was like to spend a week there with her son Ezekiel, and their two horses Star and Judah.

Co-owned by Gretta Jarrell, the widow of Brooks Jarrell of Murfreesboro, the Buffalo River Trail Ride is open daily and on the weekends from May until November, with organized weeklong rides in April, June, July and October. At each of those events, someone wins a custom made western saddle and one lucky rider walks away winning a free trail ride. Annette and her son Ezekiel both agree their lives were changed during their seven day stay at the trail. Annette lived out a childhood dream to barrel race and Ezekiel learned how to line dance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Buffalo River Trail Ride, visit their website at  From show 2506.