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Brushy Mountain and Frozen Head

Hi Friends… welcome to the Wild Side… I’m Steve Hall

I think it’s safe to say some things are just opposites. In fact a famous pop star sings about the inconsistencies of hot and cold, yes and no, in and out, up and down, wrong and right…

So how is it that solitary confinement and wide open spaces can actually compliment one another?

And what in the world would an escape from a corrections facility have in common with running a marathon?

In addition to tours and paranormal experiences, The End of the Line also has a restaurant. And as we were producing this show… Brushy had just wrapped up a Dwight Yoakam concert and a rodeo.

For the future…there are plans to distill Frozen Head Vodka…with a portion of the proceeds going to the Friends of Frozen Head State Park and Natural Area.

Episode 3606

Frozen Head State Park

Friends of Frozen Head State Park

Brushy Mountain State Prison

Tennessee State Parks
The Jackson Foundation
The Lotz House