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In years past… if you wanted to do something about conservation, you could make a charitable donation.

But now, investors have an opportunity to put up capital for the purchase of land and have a chance to actually make money!

We are taking you to Ataya, a spectacular section of the natural world in the Central Appalachian Mountains.

It’s the latest acquisition by The Nature Conservancy for what is collectively called the Cumberland Forest.

And it’s the landscape for an extremely unique and groundbreaking conservation project.

From The Nature Conservancy’s perspective… conservation is a long game.

It took about eight years to complete the deal for Ataya and the Highlands.

Cumberland Forest also connects with the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area, another 127,000 acres just south of Ataya.

It was purchased by TNC in 2007 and is now owned and managed by the State of Tennessee.

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New Style of Conservation

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