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African American Cemetery

Looking out over a cemetery can inspire deep emotions.   We might grieve for lost loved ones…or maybe have some discomforting thoughts about our own mortality.

But beneath every tombstone is a story.

As a society… cemeteries tell us something about ourselves, our culture, and our past.

The cemetery you are about to see is in a place where you can go to hike, go paddling or fishing in a magnificent waterway… and appreciate the natural surroundings of a State Historic Park. While you are there, you might take time to reflect on the reality that these microcosms of history can be easily lost or forgotten. In this case… the memories are preserved.

The manager at Johnsonville State Historic Park is hoping the dedication ceremonies will spark memories that might lead to the discovery of pictures, documents, or even information written in old bibles that can be used to tell a more complete history of the individuals buried there.

Episode 3403

Johnsonville State Historic Park

Dr. Bobby Lovett