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A Walk Among Wildflowers

Nature is full of surprises. One of them happens every spring, coming in the form of ephemeral wildflowers. It’s nature’s way of letting us know we have survived the cold winds of winter. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the hills and hollows of Edgar Evins State Park along Center Hill Lake, where State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath happily shared more information than you could ever remember about these little miracles.

If you are interested in heading down a trail with Randy, who leads group hikes and outings throughout the year, you can reach him by email at And if you are in the Middle Tennessee area and are looking for folks to hike with, Nashville Hiking Meetup is a great place to start.

Still not sure what a spring ephemeral wildflower is? Here is what Randy has to say:

“Spring ephemerals are plants that have to get their entire year’s work done within the period of late winter until the leaves are on the trees. So if it brings leaves up, then the flowers, and when the leaves are on the trees, both the leaves and the flowers and the see pod all are fading away, that would be a spring ephemeral. If the flower or the leaf persists longer than that, it’s not an ephemeral; it’s a longer period flower. So the spring ephemerals are here today, gone tomorrow, from that middle March until late April time period.”

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