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Tennessee’s Wild Side is an outdoor adventure show promoting the protection and preservation of our natural resources. Our stories are often posted in categories, such as outdoor adventure, environment, or kids and family. But, we also want to give you the choice to see a listing of the most recently produced stories. We are so glad you are here. We hope you enjoy all the places we go. And, in this ever changing world in which we live…if you have to choose sides, we hope you will always choose The Wild Side!

Biking the Cedar Glades
A personal presentation of native plants during a pandemic as we socially distance and bike along the Cedar Glades

Homeowners Invasive Plant Primer
We're hanging out at home to take care of some troubling Tennessee outsiders.

Runaway Home
Let's get outside with two singer/songwriters who are living an outdoor legacy.

Night Riders at Port Royal
A re-enactment of a historic night of conflict and trouble all related to a controversial crop.

Tornado Cleanup Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
Meet the go-getters who show up in a Tennessee State Park... for manual labor.

The Birthing Tree
We're branching out to visit one of the oldest and largest tourist attractions in the state.

Birds of Bicentennial
An early morning in Nashville brings us big city birds singing to the tune of condo construction.

White Oak Initiative
See how one woman’s work to save a Tennessee tree carries on the legacy of a famous family.

Hiking Essentials
The Ten Essentials you need for outdoor adventures...and a few more.

Survival Shelter Workshop
A homemade shelter may be your key to survival we’ll show you how to make one.

Tennesssee Christmas Trees
Come follow a Florida family as they harvest one of Tennessee's most popular natural resources.

Foster Falls Rock Climbing
An introduction to rock climbing brings high hopes for some brave beginners.

Bledsoe Creek State Park History Trail
Hike back in history to a time when outdoor adventure was not necessarily a choice.

The Cumberland
A song that honors the lives and legacy of The Cumberland River

Sequatchie Valley International Preparatory Academy
An unusual school where every student is motivated to succeed by studying their favorite subject!!

Our first look at a new model for conservation with the purchase of land in the Central Appalachian Mountains.

Tennessee Moon Trees
Almost 50 years after the seeds orbited the moon, find out what has happened to the four Tennessee Moon Trees.

ATV Natchez Trace State Forest
ATVs and UTVs are welcome in Tennessee State Forests.

Ruskin Cave Hummingbird Helper
The banding of hummingbirds is made even more magical with the assistance of a very intelligent young helper.

Tennessee Farming and Conservation Collaboration
Farmers may struggle to make money but they can do it without hurting the environment.

Standing Stone State Park Marbles Tournament
See how some Tennessee kids are helping keep an old sport alive while also showcasing it on a national stage.

State Park Bees
It’s all the buzz around Tennessee State Parks as operations expand to preserve honeybees.

Creek Crawl at Sycamore Shoals State Park
Come along with a group of kids as they discover that the contents of our ecosystem are not so simple.

Appalachian Plant Hike
Let us take you to Appalachia in search of wild plants that can bring healing to your body.

Forest Data Analysis
Find out how scientific findings in the forest help a family business provide a resource everybody uses.

Beavers and Birds at Seven Islands
We’ll take you to the only state park dedicated to birds...but we’re going to see a beaver dam.