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Outdoor Adventure

Did someone say adrenaline? From east Tennessee white water to Midstate zip lines, hang gliding adventures over Lookout Mountain, or mountain bike trails of west Tennessee, our Volunteer State has it all. You’ll never wonder again where to go or what to expect. Our Wild Side guides strap on the cameras and let you feel like you’re right there, too. Join us for the wild ride.

A Canine Connection
In a world where it seems hard for couples to spend time together, we've found a couple having a doggone good time staying together…even when they’re competing against each other.

Cummins Falls
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to Jackson County along the Eastern Highland Rim, where the waters of Blackburn Fork River reveal a true Tennessee treasure.

Mack Prichard-A Voice for the Wild
Meet a man who has had a hand in creating most of our state parks and natural areas, a voice for the wild we should all be thankful for.

Earth Day at Harrison Bay
The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay is an extraordinary golf course that combines outdoor fun with environmental stewardship...which made it the perfect place to gather for an Earth Day celebration.

Boat Safety with the Coast Guard Auxilliary
Wild Side Guide Eve Annunziato takes us to Old Hickory Lake in Middle Tennessee for a refresher course in boat safety.

Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic
As Wildside Guide Annette Nole Hall tells us, there’s more than a championship at stake for these young marksmen at the Montgomery Bell Academy’s Rifle Classic in Tennessee.

Ragnarok Climbing Competition
Rock climbers test their endurance while challenging the sandstone bluffs at Foster Falls during this unique climbing competition.

Tennessee Vintage Baseball
Batter up for Tennessee Vintage Baseball where everyone is accepted and no one strikes out.

Kayak School
See what it takes for experienced kayakers to become certified instructors so they can share their paddling knowledge with others.

A Walk Among Wildflowers
Join State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath on a spring wildflower hike through Edgar Evins State Park, where at every turn, there's something new and beautiful to behold.

Paddle Adventures Unlimited
Meet a group of fun-loving outdoor enthusiasts who would love to have you be a part of their all-natural adventures.

Panther Creek Junior Rangers
Fun adventures outdoors help young people form lasting connections with nature through the Tennessee State Parks' Junior Ranger program.

Boating Safely
There's a lot of water in Tennessee...which means there are also a lot of boats. We'll head out to Old Hickory Lake in Middle Tennessee to see the best ways to stay safe on the water.

Paddleboard Fly-Fishing
Never afraid to try something new, Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan grabbed his surf shirt and fly-rod and headed out to the Caney Fork River to try fly-fishing from a paddleboard.

Tails of the Trail
When you combine shelter dogs needing exercise and a little attention with caring humans who like to hike, you end up with a fun-filled day out on the trail.

Nashville Clean Water Project
Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall takes us to Percy Priest Lake with a team of volunteers who are stepping up where others have stepped out.

Natchez Trail
Drexel University students choose Tennessee and trail building for a spring break adventure!

Taking on the App Challenge
What started out as a fun way to spend some father-daughter time outdoors turned into a quest to visit every state park in Tennessee.

Water Warriors
While members of the Tennessee Aquatic Project like to have fun both above and below the water, they are also very serious about water quality.

Seasonal Rangers Big Adventure
A routine paddle adventure turns a rescue mission for two seasonal ranger interns.

Hunters for the Hungry Triathlon
This race does a lot more than test athletes' speed and also helps provide much needed food for hungry Tennesseans.

Reptile Reconnaissance
A team of teenagers are involved in an educational reptile study with an organization called CRESO, which stands for Clinch River Environmental Studies Organization.

Radnor Aviary
Rangers and raptors work hand in glove to bring us an educational adventure at Radnor Aviary.

Window Cliffs
Come along as Tennessee state employees volunteer their time to map out and create a new hiking trail to one of the newest and most spectacular sites in the volunteer state. The trail is recommended for advanced hikers and will require you to get your feet wet. But, once you are there, it is truly a sight to see.

Wilderness Foxes
Join a group of ladies who love exploring the outdoors on an adventure through the trails of the Savage Gulf leading to the beautiful Greeter Falls in the South Cumberland State Park.

Bledsoe Creek State Park History Trail
Hike back in history to a time when outdoor adventure was not necessarily a choice.

Chestnut Mountain
Chestnut Mountain is an example of what can happen when Bridgestone Americas and The Nature Conservancy team up for an investment in nature.

Cumberland Trail Volunteers
Up on Graysville Mountain in Rhea County, some service minded students spent their spring break building a section of the Cumberland Trail, part of a linear park extending roughly 300 miles across Tennessee.

Dunbar Cave 1865
Come along with us on a historic journey deep into the dark side where young and old meet to celebrate the history of Dunbar Cave.

Paddling With The Pelicans
Reelfoot Lake State Park is a haven for migrating waterfowl, including some birds that recently started showing up in large numbers.

Buffalo River Adventure
For those looking to get away from it all, a fishing and camping trip down the Buffalo River...118 miles to its confluence with the the perfect place to go.

Counting Black Bears
Once plentiful across Tennessee, black bears have been limited to East Tennessee primarily due to overhunting. But the animal is on the comeback trail.

Short Springs Wildflowers
Take a photographic safari to the Short Springs Natural Area to enjoy the many colors, shapes and sizes of spring wildflowers.

Mounted Patrol
It takes more than riding skills to make it in the Tennessee State Parks Mounted Patrol. Watch as rangers navigate three days of intense training.

B.O.W. — Becoming an Outdoors Woman
Spend a wild weekend with some ladies who are becoming empowered in the world of outdoor adventure.

Meeman-Shelby Forest Spring Fest
Every year folks gather together at the Shelby Forest Spring Fest to celebrate a a great place to enjoy the outdoors in West Tennessee.

Foster Falls Rock Climbing
An introduction to rock climbing brings high hopes for some brave beginners.

Eagle Emergency
A leisurely Memorial Day kayaking trip turns into an unexpected rescue operation when two brothers discover an injured eagle struggling to survive.

Bad Weather, Good Bass
Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone says a cold, rainy fall day slows the fisherman down a lot more than it does the fish.

Machine Falls
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker teamed up with nature photographer Byron Jorjorian for a photographic exploration of one of Short Springs’ main attractions, Machine Falls.

A Soldier’s Child
An event designed for things to go right. Because so much has already gone wrong.

Portrait of a River
The Duck River is rich in biodiversity, but feeling the effects of urban growth...which is what brings "The Chestnut Group," artists who paint in the open air for the cause of conservation, to it's beautiful banks.

Old Timer’s Day
Old Timer’s Day performers have taken their careers beyond the mountains of Tennessee all the way to Carnegie Hall.

Special Campers
At this special camp at Montgomery Bell State Park, kids get an opportunity to experience outdoor adventure in ways they never have before.

Roan Mountain Snorkel
Come along as some curious kids inch their way into the cold waters of the Doe River on their first snorkeling adventure. You don't have to go to the seashore to explore the wonders under water.

Moments in Time
Wildlife and nature photographer Melodie Cunningham uses patience and persistence to capture memorable moments at the Land Between the Lakes.

Going the Distance
Chattanooga's Ben Friberg started out kayaking...then he tried standup paddling whitewater and got hooked. Now Ben has added endurance paddleboarding to his list of loves, setting world records along the way.

National Trails Day
The American Hiking Society launched Trails Day to encourage families to discover and celebrate America’s beautiful and inspiring nature trails. It's also a day when volunteers gather to give back to the places they love.

TOYS…Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit
Hunting, trapping, turkey-calling, marksmanship, camping and archery are among a list of skills necessary for those who love the outdoors! These are also activities taught at the Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit.

Bridge Hunter
This is a hunter who doesn't seek to buy, capture, control or kill his prey. He just wants to preserve it.

The world of serious rowing, the kind you see in the Olympics, is about precision and power. It's fast... it's great exercise... and a LOT harder than it looks.

Nature Fest
Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby visited one of Cookeville’s city parks to capture the wide-eyed wonder of youngsters getting their first taste of the outdoors.

Reelfoot Deep Swamp Paddle
Take a canoe trip deep into a swampy forest at Reelfoot Lake filled with beautiful cypress, including some that are hundreds of years old.

University School Naturalists
The Young Naturalists Program at University School of Nashville makes sure students from kindergarten through high school integrate classroom work with nature trips.

Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee
Bike riders from across the world head down Tennessee highways in search of beautiful scenery, quaint communities, and fun fellowship.

Bertha’s Environmental Legacy
One of the most valuable tour guides in the state is also one of the oldest to win the Governor's Award for Stewardship, one of the most prestigious recognitions for environmental champions.

Hot on the Trail
Enjoy the excitement of a beagle hound field trial...where the dogs are there to find and follow and the rabbit nearly always gets away.

Tellico Wild
Natural waterfalls, medicinal plants and pristine waters give visitors of Tellico Wild some idea of what our native lands must have been like before the arrival of European Settlers.

Great Outdoors University
Great Outdoors University gets kids out of the city and into nature, taking them on outdoor learning adventures.

Survival Shelter Workshop
A homemade shelter may be your key to survival we’ll show you how to make one.

Chickasaw Horse Stables
An ageless outdoor opportunity that can change the way you about an hour.

Tennessee Wall Trail Day
Rock climbers who care enough to give back to the land spend a day at the Tennessee Wall working on a section of trail and...of course...climbing the beautiful sandstone cliffs.

Bell Ringer Trail Run
Trekking through the tough terrain at Montgomery Bell State Park gives these athletes a challenging feat for their feet.

Hold Your Horses
Equestrian Drill Team

Endangered Conasauga Logperch
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us snorkeling with some teachers, scientists and an instructor to look for the endangered Conasauga Logperch.

A Shelter for the Soul
See how a once a barren wasteland...unwanted and seemingly useless...was transformed by some visionary people into a beautiful State Park.

Timber Rattlesnake Disease
Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs shows how misunderstanding and fear are slowly eliminating one of man’s most important allies — the Timber Rattlesnake.

Hot Air Adventure
Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger leads us into the wild blue yonder for some breathtaking views from a hot air balloon.

Hiwassee Ocoee Pickin in the Park
Returning to her roots, a musically talented ranger opens up opportunities for other musicians near her mountain home. All those who gather near the Hiwassee and Ocoee Rivers benefit from the beautiful Bluegrass music that blends seamlessly with the sounds of the flowing waters.

Collins River Muskie
There's something swimming in the Collins River with a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth that will make your heart pump faster! It’s called muskellunge or muskie and it's certainly a challenge to catch.

Butterfly Bonanza
Members of the North American Butterfly Association visit a beautiful meadow at the Savage Gulf Ranger Station and experience a bonanza of butterflies.

Edgar Evins Western Wallflower Cruise
Come along on a boating adventure to see a wild flower that is very difficult to reach by land.

Horseback Heaven
Pogue Creek Canyon and the Big South Fork might be a whole lot of nothing, but adventurous souls willing to explore will find there is so much there!

GOU Cascades Adventure
Confined to asphalt avenues and concrete corridors, many inner-city children can't envision a world outside of the city. Wild Side takes them there.

Plywood Boat Races
At Hidden Harbor Marina on Center Hill Lake, the annual Plywood Boat Race attracts a large and captive audience where Corps of Engineers and the TWRA offer life saving advice.

Horse Creek Nature Days
In Hardin County, Tennessee, every fourth grader gets to come to the Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary for a fun day of outdoor education.

Buffalo River Trail Ride
Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall tells what it's like to spend a week on a Buffalo River Trail Ride in Wayne County with her son Ezekiel, and their two horses.

Paddling Safety
East Nashville Magnet School students step out of the classroom and into a kayak for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

The Polar Plunge
Find out what it takes to get hundreds of people to brave freezing February cold and take a plunge into the icy waters of Percy Priest Lake.

Dogs on the Run
If you feel the need for speed, you'll love what happens when these high-stepping hounds take off and follow their instincts, in a sport called "lure coursing."

Island Mountain Pat
Pat Riley loves the carefree mountain life of his Dekalb County home, where he can hang out, hunt, fish, swim...and make music.

Reforging the Fiery Gizzard
Forced to move a section of one of our most iconic trails in order to keep it open, park rangers and volunteers are working hard in extremely rugged terrain.

Norris Dam Pontoon Tour
Norris Dam in east Tennessee was the first one completed in 1936. And the establishment of three demonstration parks became the nucleus for a statewide park system.

The River Inside
One day John Guider put a canoe in the creek on his farm and set out on a life changing journey that took him all the way to New Orleans.

POW WOW at Long Hunter State Park
Native Americans from across the country come to share their traditions and history.

The Harpeth Hustle
Grab a paddle and head down the Harpeth River, then hop out and head down the road, then jump on a bike and ride to the finish...all for a good cause!

Hiwassee Land Preservation
How important is it for all of us to protect biologically, historically, and visually significant parts of our state? Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby shows us by visiting a spot along the Tennessee River where numerous entities are working together for a Tennessee treasure.

Nashville Hiking Meetup
Thousands of local hikers keep an eye on the Nashville Hiking Meetup webpage…and show up on the trail whenever they feel like getting outdoors.

Anne Goetze’s Outdoor Studio
Fishermen have their honey holes, hunters know the best spots to find turkey and deer...and artist Anne Goetze has found the perfect place to paint.

TNSCTP State Championships
Young sharpshooters compete at the state championships, where the parents are often the ones trying keep their nerves steady.

Camp Discover
Camp Discover is more than just a fun summer's life-changing experience for some kids in Grundy County.

Casting for Recovery
A wet day of fishing becomes a ray of light for some courageous women fighting breast cancer.

ZIPStream Fall Creek Falls
If you're looking for an outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy, then the aerial adventures at Fall Creek Falls State Park will take your fun to new heights!

Nature at Home: Nature Play for Kids
In this Nature at Home segment, we explore turning your backyard into an outdoor adventure center for the benefit of smarter, stronger and healthier kids.

Radnor Hummingbirds
Their man-made feeders are bright and colorful…and surely you have seen one if you don’t own one yourself. But, how often, if ever, do we get to see a hummingbird’s nest or where it is hidden?

Youth Outdoor Leaders
Experience the natural world with some young people who are attending "Great Outdoors University" and learning how to teach others about nature.

Rocky Fork Trout
Flowing through the East Tennessee mountains, the pools, eddys, boulders and rocks of Rocky Fork Creek create what many call the perfect mountain stream for trout fishing.

Cumberland River Paddling
Once abused and under-appreciated, the Cumberland River is becoming a favorite destination for paddlers in Nashville.

Roan Mountain Spring Rally
Enjoy beautiful wildflowers, scenic wonders and family fun while helping a good cause at this annual event at Roan Mountain State Park.

Cumberland River Paddlefest
This annual paddling event makes it easy for anyone to experience the fun of a canoe, kayak, or standup paddleboard...especially when it's for the first time.

Latimer High Adventure Reservation
At the Latimer High Adventure Reservation, high-energy, high-risk outdoor activities are the main attraction. It’s where young people develop strength and confidence by doing things some of us might be just a little scared of doing.

Crockett Barn Raising
An old fashioned barn raising brings visitors from all around the country to experience life in the days of Davy Crockett.

Boating Safely
Spend a day on Old Hickory Lake with some volunteers who are working to keep us all safer on the water.

Fort Loudoun State Park
History comes alive during the time of the French and Indian War. Follow our Wild Side crew to Fort Loudoun State Park for the annual Garrison Days.

Tennessee Cattle Herding
Round em up and head em out... we'll riding along with honest to goodness Tennessee Cowboys on a very cold cattle drive.

ATV Natchez Trace State Forest
ATVs and UTVs are welcome in Tennessee State Forests.

River Etiquette
With more people discovering once-hidden gems like the Caney Fork River, things can get crowded on our rivers. But following the basic rules of river etiquette can help ensure that everyone has a good day on the water.

Hike ‘Em All
Are you up for the challenge? Then head down the trail and enjoy scenic overlooks, spectacular rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests at South Cumberland State Park.

Deep Water Soloing
If you like a challenge, the rocky bluffs at Nichajack Lake near Chattanooga are the perfect setting for daring rock climbers who like to ascend without safety ropes.

Seven Islands State Birding Park
While most parks are designed to attract people, Seven Islands State Birding Park is specifically managed to attract wildlife...especially birds.

Cumberland River Eagles
Once a rare sight in Tennessee, the Bald Eagle is making a comeback across the country and our state, as we discovered on winter trip down the Cumberland River.

Tims Ford Blueway
The Tims Ford Blueway, the first ever on a lake in Tennessee, is a series of trails on the water that makes it easier to explore one of our most scenic waterways.

Aiming at the Olympics
Young shooters take aim at Olympic Gold by competing at a new Certified Training Center found right here in Tennessee.

Stones River Boat Day
Wild Side Guide Steve Hall and his family experiences fun on the water on a weekend adventure with canoes and kayaks on the Stones River.

First Time in the Forest
Take kids who have never seen big oak trees or been in the woods before into a beautiful hardwood forest and you have and experience worth sharing.

Doggy Paddling
These days more people are paddling with their pooches...but before you head out on the water with your dog, you need to have a plan in place.

Backpacking Pickett
An Introduction to Backpacking and Camping Course was just what some of the hikers expected. But, there were others, like us, who had no idea what was up ahead. We hope you laugh along with us as we hike the Hidden Passage Trail.

Park and Float
With a kayak or canoe you can find yourself instantly transported to a world of serenity and beauty...where nature and fish await. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the water to find out more.

Trails & Trilliums
Explore the wonders of nature at an annual festival in Monteagle, TN that has a little something for everyone.

Bat Tracking
Endangered bats are on the move and biologists from The Nature Conservancy and U-S Fish and Wildlife are busy chasing them in an ongoing effort to help them survive.

Friendly Farm
Travel with us to one of Tennessee's friendliest farms where you will find a unique opportunity to cuddle baby animals while learning what it is like to actually operate a working farm.

Rock Climbing
All along Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau you'll find lots of hard rock, long cracks and overhangs, and an incredible variety of climbing routes offering something for climbers of any skill level.

Richland Creek Whitewater
For kayakers living around Chattanooga, several days of rainy weather usually means Richland Creek gets filled with water and transformed into a paddler's paradise.

Hike to Virgin Falls
Virgin Falls is a favorite destination for hikers from across the country. For many years the land around the falls has been held in a public/private partnership.

Lost Loon Triathalon
If you love the outdoors, like to laugh and might enjoy a race with no clock, this race is for you!