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Wholesome programming even moms can approve. That’s our world, and we want to share it with your family. From obesity to social inhibitions, many youth challenges can be helped with a small dose of possibilities. Our goal is to show young viewers all the excitement that awaits outdoors, whether in a state park, a local stream, or even their own backyard. Bring them along with you for the ride.

A Canine Connection
In a world where it seems hard for couples to spend time together, we've found a couple having a doggone good time staying together…even when they’re competing against each other.

The Wigwam Project
When most teenage boys are thinking about anything except living outside, Matt Guenther decided to make a wigwam and live in it for his senior class project.

Nature at Home: Hummingbirds
The tiny but mighty hummingbird travels great distances every year, giving us a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Nature at Home.

Mussel Mission
For these fourth grade students, a fun paddle down the Duck River is an opportunity to learn about one of our most important river residents...the mussel.

Nature at Home: Water Conservation
The water we have on this planet is all we'll ever have...we can't make any more. That means it's a natural resource in need of protection.

Tennessee Vintage Baseball
Batter up for Tennessee Vintage Baseball where everyone is accepted and no one strikes out.

Lewis Co. Youth Turkey
Stalking Tennessee turkey is a thrill...but it's especially exciting when you're a young person setting out before daybreak in search of your first gobbler.

Sequatchie Valley International Preparatory Academy
An unusual school where every student is motivated to succeed by studying their favorite subject!!

The Wonder of Hummingbirds
Hundreds of humans gather to celebrate the tiniest bird in the world at the "Wonder of Hummingbirds Festival" in Knoxville.

Tennessee Kids in the Outdoors
Tennessee Kids in the Outdoors is just one of many initiatives by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation and it allows kids to meet these creatures face–to-face.

Paddle Adventures Unlimited
Meet a group of fun-loving outdoor enthusiasts who would love to have you be a part of their all-natural adventures.

Bill Miller performs Dark River
Enjoy this special segment in which Bill Miller sings a few river songs for Tennessee's Wild Side.

Panther Creek Junior Rangers
Fun adventures outdoors help young people form lasting connections with nature through the Tennessee State Parks' Junior Ranger program.

Scholastic Clay Target
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the line with middle school kids who believe that if they work hard enough, anything's possible.

Tails of the Trail
When you combine shelter dogs needing exercise and a little attention with caring humans who like to hike, you end up with a fun-filled day out on the trail.

Wild Side Gourmet: Fried Crappie
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and Miss Phyllis serve up some delicious fried crappie with honey hush puppies on the side.

A Process of Preservation
Two unique partners, artist Charles Brindley and The Land Trust for Tennessee team up to preserve historic Glen Leven Farm in Nashville from development...each working through the process in their own way.

Classroom in a Garden
At the McFadden School of Excellence in Murfreesboro, students are rediscovering a link to food by planting a garden of their own.

Taking on the App Challenge
What started out as a fun way to spend some father-daughter time outdoors turned into a quest to visit every state park in Tennessee.

Water Warriors
While members of the Tennessee Aquatic Project like to have fun both above and below the water, they are also very serious about water quality.

Seasonal Rangers Big Adventure
A routine paddle adventure turns a rescue mission for two seasonal ranger interns.

A Day at the BEECH
Spread out on 680 acres in Warren County, the Bridgestone Environmental Education Classroom and Habitat or BEECH is an extraordinary field trip destination.

Reptile Reconnaissance
A team of teenagers are involved in an educational reptile study with an organization called CRESO, which stands for Clinch River Environmental Studies Organization.

Radnor Aviary
Rangers and raptors work hand in glove to bring us an educational adventure at Radnor Aviary.

Riverwalk Tree Swallows
When Riverwalk Bird Club members started putting bluebird houses up along Chattanooga's Riverwalk, little did they know some southern visitors would move in.

Bledsoe Creek State Park History Trail
Hike back in history to a time when outdoor adventure was not necessarily a choice.

Wild Side Gourmet: Turkey Wraps
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his wife Miss Phyllis show us how to make turkey wraps out of the day's successful hunt.

Cumberland Trail Volunteers
Up on Graysville Mountain in Rhea County, some service minded students spent their spring break building a section of the Cumberland Trail, part of a linear park extending roughly 300 miles across Tennessee.

Dunbar Cave 1865
Come along with us on a historic journey deep into the dark side where young and old meet to celebrate the history of Dunbar Cave.

Paddling With The Pelicans
Reelfoot Lake State Park is a haven for migrating waterfowl, including some birds that recently started showing up in large numbers.

Chickasaw Fish Rodeo
Young anglers know that the size of the fish you catch isn't as important as just getting to go fishing!

Nature at Home: Recycle
We take a look at some common household items and find out what we should — and should not — throw in the recycle bin.

Meeman-Shelby Forest Spring Fest
Every year folks gather together at the Shelby Forest Spring Fest to celebrate a a great place to enjoy the outdoors in West Tennessee.

Coffee County Deer Rally
In Coffee County, deer hunting is a real big deal, and it's celebrated at one of the largest youth sportsman deer rallies in the state.

Marble Mania
Every year in September, marbles enthusiasts from all over flock to Standing Stone State Park for the National Rolley Hole Marble Tournament.

Painting with Pat
Wildlife artist and teacher Pat Qualls helps kids explore a world of wonder by using art to connect them with nature.

4-H Field Day
As Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker shows, the lessons learned at 4-H can be useful throughout life, no matter where each student's road goes.

A Soldier’s Child
An event designed for things to go right. Because so much has already gone wrong.

Old Timer’s Day
Old Timer’s Day performers have taken their careers beyond the mountains of Tennessee all the way to Carnegie Hall.

Special Campers
At this special camp at Montgomery Bell State Park, kids get an opportunity to experience outdoor adventure in ways they never have before.

Nature at Home: Reduce and Reuse
By changing our buying habits can be another way to help Nature at Home.

Cupp’s Carvings
Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger shows us how a former criminal fraud investigator started carving common wood into unique artwork with pocket knives, chisels and chainsaws.

Roan Mountain Snorkel
Come along as some curious kids inch their way into the cold waters of the Doe River on their first snorkeling adventure. You don't have to go to the seashore to explore the wonders under water.

Tennesssee Christmas Trees
Come follow a Florida family as they harvest one of Tennessee's most popular natural resources.

Couples Fishing
Meet some folks who say it's never too late to find your soulmate... OR to take them fishing.

National Trails Day
The American Hiking Society launched Trails Day to encourage families to discover and celebrate America’s beautiful and inspiring nature trails. It's also a day when volunteers gather to give back to the places they love.

Outdoor Classrooms
Wild Side Guide Eve Annunziato shows us how teachers are learning to move their classes outdoors.

TOYS…Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit
Hunting, trapping, turkey-calling, marksmanship, camping and archery are among a list of skills necessary for those who love the outdoors! These are also activities taught at the Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit.

Environmental Fare
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to St. Ann School near Memphis for a fun-filled day of outdoor education.

Nature Fest
Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby visited one of Cookeville’s city parks to capture the wide-eyed wonder of youngsters getting their first taste of the outdoors.

Reelfoot Deep Swamp Paddle
Take a canoe trip deep into a swampy forest at Reelfoot Lake filled with beautiful cypress, including some that are hundreds of years old.

University School Naturalists
The Young Naturalists Program at University School of Nashville makes sure students from kindergarten through high school integrate classroom work with nature trips.

Fly Fishing in Schools
From episode #2103: Skipping school to go fishing is a time-honored tradition that is probably as old as the sport itself. But times have changed; these kids are fishing IN school.

Hot on the Trail
Enjoy the excitement of a beagle hound field trial...where the dogs are there to find and follow and the rabbit nearly always gets away.

Great Outdoors University
Great Outdoors University gets kids out of the city and into nature, taking them on outdoor learning adventures.

Far East on the South Harpeth
Experience fishing nirvana with young anglers from the Far East as they spend a day hunting big bass...and a few other fish...on the South Harpeth River.

Chickasaw Horse Stables
An ageless outdoor opportunity that can change the way you about an hour.

Ruskin Hummingbirds
A new research project is underway at one of the state's largest gatherings of hummingbirds. This is the first time these particular birds have been banded in anticipation of their migration.

Tennessee High School Rodeo Association
See why some Tennessee High School Students are putting their collegiate hope in horses.

Hold Your Horses
Equestrian Drill Team

Duane Rice’s Bluebird Trail
Meet a modern day trailblazer whose concern for the bluebird could one day take him to your yard.

A Shelter for the Soul
See how a once a barren wasteland...unwanted and seemingly useless...was transformed by some visionary people into a beautiful State Park.

Cleaning Up Whites Creek
Once so polluted there were signs posted warning people to stay out of the water, Whites Creek is making a remarkable comeback thanks to the hard work of many caring people.

Hiwassee Ocoee Pickin in the Park
Returning to her roots, a musically talented ranger opens up opportunities for other musicians near her mountain home. All those who gather near the Hiwassee and Ocoee Rivers benefit from the beautiful Bluegrass music that blends seamlessly with the sounds of the flowing waters.

P.J.’s First Fish
This is a story about a little boy who got a very special surprise early on a summer morning. And it just may have changed his life.

Franklin Road Academy Tree Planting
A group of music students from Franklin Road Academy find a connection with nature by planting trees to help stop water pollution and protect our world.

Hunters for the Hungry
Hunters for the Hungry is helping to fill empty stomachs of homeless people and families facing financial difficulties, too.

Horseback Heaven
Pogue Creek Canyon and the Big South Fork might be a whole lot of nothing, but adventurous souls willing to explore will find there is so much there!

Wild Side Gourmet: Sautéed Sauger
Our Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his lovely wife Miss Phyllis share a recipe for savory sauger.

GOU Cascades Adventure
Confined to asphalt avenues and concrete corridors, many inner-city children can't envision a world outside of the city. Wild Side takes them there.

Plywood Boat Races
At Hidden Harbor Marina on Center Hill Lake, the annual Plywood Boat Race attracts a large and captive audience where Corps of Engineers and the TWRA offer life saving advice.

Special Kids Turkey Hunt
An annual turkey hunt in Giles County benefits young people with handicaps and health problems. It's all in memory of a young cancer patient who spent much of her short life helping others — and still does today through her Deanna Glossup Foundation.

Horse Creek Nature Days
In Hardin County, Tennessee, every fourth grader gets to come to the Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary for a fun day of outdoor education.

Buffalo River Trail Ride
Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall tells what it's like to spend a week on a Buffalo River Trail Ride in Wayne County with her son Ezekiel, and their two horses.

Watershed Ed
Middle school students in Marshall County did more than just learn about the importance of the Duck River...they rolled up their sleeves and got to work protecting it.

Chris’ First Crappie
It's a special day when a young angler catches his first fish...on a Tennessee lake that's becoming know as one of the best in the U.S. for catching crappie.

Hatchie BirdFest
Every spring folks gather together at the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge to celebrate and see birds of all kinds.

Fishing for an Education
Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to McKenzie, TN, where Bethel University's bass team was defending a championship, and works to turn fishing knowledge into a career.

A Crusader for Conservation
Dr. Elsie Quarterman was the protector of cedar glades, the savior of the Tennessee purple coneflower, and an advocate for the preservation of special places.

First Time Fishing
What do you get when you combine city kids, wriggly worms, and hungry fish? A day full of Wild Side memories!

The Polar Plunge
Find out what it takes to get hundreds of people to brave freezing February cold and take a plunge into the icy waters of Percy Priest Lake.

Dogs on the Run
If you feel the need for speed, you'll love what happens when these high-stepping hounds take off and follow their instincts, in a sport called "lure coursing."

Nature at Home: Rain Catchers
In this Nature @ Home segment, we take a look at some simple things you can do in your own back yard to help maintain our water supply.

Norris Dam Pontoon Tour
Norris Dam in east Tennessee was the first one completed in 1936. And the establishment of three demonstration parks became the nucleus for a statewide park system.

Aquariums in the Classroom
If you have hundreds of native fish living in your state, what's the best way to learn about them? You get out in the river and get your hands wet!

Exploring the Past
Explore Johnsonville and Sycamore Shoals State Parks where living history performers take us into the past. Tennessee State Parks are an opportunity to learn and have fun in beautiful places all at the same time!

POW WOW at Long Hunter State Park
Native Americans from across the country come to share their traditions and history.

Standing Stone State Park Marbles Tournament
See how some Tennessee kids are helping keep an old sport alive while also showcasing it on a national stage.

Anne Goetze’s Outdoor Studio
Fishermen have their honey holes, hunters know the best spots to find turkey and deer...and artist Anne Goetze has found the perfect place to paint.

TNSCTP State Championships
Young sharpshooters compete at the state championships, where the parents are often the ones trying keep their nerves steady.

I Wanna Fish Too
Have you ever heard the Chinese Proverb that says, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?" Well this story is a little like that proverb.

Camp Discover
Camp Discover is more than just a fun summer's life-changing experience for some kids in Grundy County.

ZIPStream Fall Creek Falls
If you're looking for an outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy, then the aerial adventures at Fall Creek Falls State Park will take your fun to new heights!

Nature at Home: Nature Play for Kids
In this Nature at Home segment, we explore turning your backyard into an outdoor adventure center for the benefit of smarter, stronger and healthier kids.

Radnor Hummingbirds
Their man-made feeders are bright and colorful…and surely you have seen one if you don’t own one yourself. But, how often, if ever, do we get to see a hummingbird’s nest or where it is hidden?

Youth Outdoor Leaders
Experience the natural world with some young people who are attending "Great Outdoors University" and learning how to teach others about nature.

CATCH Fishing Tournament
There are plenty of memorable moments to be found when you get outdoors...things you never forget, like fishing for the first time

WS Gourmet: Cajun Crab-stuffed Turkey
Wild Side Gourmet Tom Pardue and his lovely wife and cooking partner Miss Phyllis share a great turkey recipe.

Isaac Bode Skeet Fundraiser
Remembering a young man who lost his life to leukemia, family and friends come together for a good cause, raising money to help families fighting cancer.

Ruskin Cave Hummingbird Helper
The banding of hummingbirds is made even more magical with the assistance of a very intelligent young helper.

Cumberland River Paddling
Once abused and under-appreciated, the Cumberland River is becoming a favorite destination for paddlers in Nashville.

Roan Mountain Spring Rally
Enjoy beautiful wildflowers, scenic wonders and family fun while helping a good cause at this annual event at Roan Mountain State Park.

Cumberland River Paddlefest
This annual paddling event makes it easy for anyone to experience the fun of a canoe, kayak, or standup paddleboard...especially when it's for the first time.

Latimer High Adventure Reservation
At the Latimer High Adventure Reservation, high-energy, high-risk outdoor activities are the main attraction. It’s where young people develop strength and confidence by doing things some of us might be just a little scared of doing.

Boating Safely
Spend a day on Old Hickory Lake with some volunteers who are working to keep us all safer on the water.

Fort Loudoun State Park
History comes alive during the time of the French and Indian War. Follow our Wild Side crew to Fort Loudoun State Park for the annual Garrison Days.

River Etiquette
With more people discovering once-hidden gems like the Caney Fork River, things can get crowded on our rivers. But following the basic rules of river etiquette can help ensure that everyone has a good day on the water.

Bill Miller
Like rivers' flowing currents, life has a way of carrying you places you don't expect. Today Bill Miller is far from the peaceful streams he grew up with but no matter how far he travels, the river is always there.

Mountain Music Fish Tourney
See what happens when about 400 eager kids head to the lake in search of bass, prizes, and a great time at a fishing tournament that's just for them!

Seven Islands State Birding Park
While most parks are designed to attract people, Seven Islands State Birding Park is specifically managed to attract wildlife...especially birds.

Cumberland River Eagles
Once a rare sight in Tennessee, the Bald Eagle is making a comeback across the country and our state, as we discovered on winter trip down the Cumberland River.

First Youth Elk Hunt
Join us on a very special hunt for a unique animal that at one time disappeared from our state...elk. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan takes fourteen year-old Jessica Parkins on the first ever Tennessee Youth Elk Hunt.

Caz’s First Fishing Trip
For a little boy is so sick that exposure to places or people outside his home or a hospital room puts his little life at risk, the chance to go fishing for the first time is an an amazing adventure.

Tims Ford Blueway
The Tims Ford Blueway, the first ever on a lake in Tennessee, is a series of trails on the water that makes it easier to explore one of our most scenic waterways.

Fishing at Morris Ferry
Wildside Guide Eve Annunziato takes us to the banks of Woods Reservoir near Arnold Air Force base in Franklin County to find out what made it so memorable, and what its future holds.

Summer Solstice at Old Stone Fort
The Summer Solstice and Native American history combine for a unique event at Old Stone Fort State Park.

Nature at Home: Bird Identification
From Carolina chickadees and tufted titmice to dark-eyed juncos and white-breasted nuthaches, learn how to identify the over 400 species of birds found in Tennessee.

Aiming at the Olympics
Young shooters take aim at Olympic Gold by competing at a new Certified Training Center found right here in Tennessee.

Stones River Boat Day
Wild Side Guide Steve Hall and his family experiences fun on the water on a weekend adventure with canoes and kayaks on the Stones River.

First Time in the Forest
Take kids who have never seen big oak trees or been in the woods before into a beautiful hardwood forest and you have and experience worth sharing.

Hardin County Youth Deer Hunt
Thanks to the the hard work of some caring volunteers, more and more kids are getting a chance to not just get out and hunt...but to experience the wonder of nature.

Shooting for an Education
When students take aim at the Tennessee Clay Target Program's annual championships, they are shooting for a lot more than just a trophy.

Backpacking Pickett
An Introduction to Backpacking and Camping Course was just what some of the hikers expected. But, there were others, like us, who had no idea what was up ahead. We hope you laugh along with us as we hike the Hidden Passage Trail.

Trails & Trilliums
Explore the wonders of nature at an annual festival in Monteagle, TN that has a little something for everyone.

Friendly Farm
Travel with us to one of Tennessee's friendliest farms where you will find a unique opportunity to cuddle baby animals while learning what it is like to actually operate a working farm.

Rock Climbing
All along Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau you'll find lots of hard rock, long cracks and overhangs, and an incredible variety of climbing routes offering something for climbers of any skill level.

Hike to Virgin Falls
Virgin Falls is a favorite destination for hikers from across the country. For many years the land around the falls has been held in a public/private partnership.

Lost Loon Triathalon
If you love the outdoors, like to laugh and might enjoy a race with no clock, this race is for you!