Urban Bees

As more people move toward the inner cities there is a growing need for urban bee hives.

Honeybees are sometimes referred to as a keynote species.  If they go, so go the plants…and then the animals… and no one watches the plight of these pollinators more than the American farmer. Early European settlers were the ones who strapped the bees to the backs of their ships and brought them here in hives. So they’re not even native to our nation, but they’re here and we’re dependent upon them.  And as we see more people moving toward the inner cities there’s a growing need for urbanhives.

About 80 pounds of honey were harvested from the Ellington hives this year and approximately 70 pounds from Centennial.  Because of better education, increased awareness, and backyard beekeepers, bees are on the rebound.  But since more than one-third of everything we eat is dependent on these pollinating insects biologists say there is still a great need for many more urban hives.

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