Tims Ford Blueway

The Tims Ford Blueway, the first ever on a lake in Tennessee, is a series of trails on the water that makes it easier to explore one of our most scenic waterways.


Spread across Tennessee are hundreds of miles of trails, connecting people with the wild wonders of our state. But not all trails are for hiking…some are for paddling. They are called water trails or blueways, paths that follow a body of water, with launch points and camping sites along the way. One of the newest in our state can be found at Tims Ford Lake in Franklin County. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes us to the water to explore a blueway that is the first of its kind in Tennessee.


The Tims Ford Blueway is a multi-route canoe, kayak, standup-paddleboard blueway…basically a series of trails spread out across the lake. That means you can customize your route from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Here is a map of the blueway you can download. While the trail is designed for paddlers, motorized boats can use it as well. There are six islands on the lake that you can camp on, but you need to get a free back country permit first. Just contact Tims Ford State Park to get one; a camping permit can be issued up to one month before your paddle date.


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