The Harpeth Hustle

Grab a paddle and head down the Harpeth River, then hop out and head down the road, then jump on a bike and ride to the finish...all for a good cause!


There may be no better way to see Tennessee than getting the chance to do it by land and by air and by sea. And if you’re willing to play along….you won’t need an airplane or boat. Recently some nature embracers got all three by running on land, paddling on the water, and biking a few feet in the air above ground. All in support of the outdoors and especially Harpeth River State Park. Wild Side Guide Terry Bulger has the story.


The 2015 race was a big success, with 101 participants raising over 17 hundred dollars for the park. The event was organized by Support-A-Park, a group that creates events that raise funds and awareness for our parks. In addition, Support-A-Park helps foster the formation of new friends groups (like Friends of Harpeth River State Park, which they helped start in May of 2015) and other nonprofits that help protect, promote and preserve our parks for future generations. You can learn more about Support-A-Park and the Harpeth Hustle at


Harpeth River State Park is a linear park covering 40 miles of the beautiful Harpeth River just west of Nashville. The park has nine different access points on the river and connects a wide range of historical and archaeological treasures…places like Newsoms Mill, Hidden Lake, Mound Bottom and the Narrows of the Harpeth. If you are interested in getting involved in helping this beautiful and historic park, you can join the newly formed Friends of Harpeth River State Park. To learn more visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


Congratulations to all the 2015 participants and winners! Here’s a list of the top finishers:


David Sacks (open male kayak)

Stephanie Mathews (open female kayak)

Hunter Schimpff (male kayak)

Elizabeth Wilson (female kayak)

Andrew Burton & Guest (male team canoe)

Jeff and Mausi McDaniels (male/female team canoe)

Jerrica Strombaught & Anne Deranian (female team canoe)

Hope Patterson & Rachel Chisholm (open team canoe)


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