Tennesssee Christmas Trees

Come follow a Florida family as they harvest one of Tennessee's most popular natural resources.

Hi friends… welcome to the Wild Side… I’m Steve Hall

All across Tennessee farmers are growing crops that will only be consumed a few weeks out of the year. And, yet, they tirelessly take great care of the seedlings… watering, fertilizing and protecting them, so that when the time comes, customers can take their pick. It’s become an annual outdoor adventure for families who want to participate in the harvest and take their own Tennessee tree back home.

We have a few footnotes to our story. After the Lovins decided to visit the farm they realized their video camera was full and they didn’t think they had time to stop at a store. But, as these things go, their first family encounter with cutting a Christmas tree was all captured on our cameras. 

We also wondered what type of tree the Steiners would choose after growing so many for other people. They picked a Turkish Fir that that had been growing for eight years. T

A week later we returned to the farm to cut our own tree. It was almost dark so the Steiners showed us a couple of trees that had been cut and left in the field to die. We didn’t need to look any further. Who knew you could rescue a Christmas tree?

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