Tennessee Red Wolves

Once abundant on the Tennessee landscape, red wolves are now the most endangered canid in the world. Find out what is being done to right this wrong.

Hi Friends… Welcome to the Wild Side. I’m Steve Hall

Sometimes things that are supposed to happen don’t.  And things that are not supposed to happen do.

For instance… in the Eastern United States we are NOT supposed to have coyotes. But we ARE supposed to have red wolves.

We have lots of coyotes in Tennessee… and the rest of the East… but red wolves are the most endangered canid in the world.

At the foot of Lookout Mountain… there is an all out effort at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center to right what is wrong.

North Carolina is the only state that currently has a small population of red wolves living in the wild.  But as you might imagine… it is quite controversial.


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