Tennessee Fainting Goats

We’ll surround ourselves with a herd of goats that are well-known for falling down on the job.

If you look up the definition of myotonic (MY-Uh-Tonic) goats, you’ll find they’re not just any goat. They are known as the Tennessee Fainting Goats.

They’re distinguished by a strange characteristic of falling over with a stiffened body when they’re startled.

Interestingly, the first four were brought to Lewisburg, in Marshall County, in the 18-hundreds.

But our story takes us to Cross Plains in Robertson County, then to Springfield, and back to Cross Plains, to meet a delightful woman who is helping keep the breed alive and thriving.

Lana and her husband Will Ed also raise cattle, soybeans, tobacco, and corn.

Episode 4303

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