Standing Stone State Park Marbles Tournament

See how some Tennessee kids are helping keep an old sport alive while also showcasing it on a national stage.

Standing Stone State Park is a famous place… especially among marble players. It’s the home of the annual Rolley Hole tournament… which attracts competitors from around the globe. However, more of the players these days have gray hair and wrinkles than in days gone by.  But, park rangers have been working hard to stir up new interest among children in a game called Ringer.  And it’s working.

Response to marble camps and tournaments at Standing Stone State Park has been big. In fact… Ranger Shawn Hughes says he could easily sign up at least 100 kids for events, it there were enough facilities in the park to play.  And he’s excited to see other state parks getting on board to help preserve an old culture.

Episode 3510

Standing Stone State Park

National Marbles Tournament

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