Springville Bottom Duck Hunt

Garry Mason, one of West Tennessee’s top hunting and fishing guides takes us to one of his favorite spots to hunt ducks.

When he was growing up, Garry Mason always dreamed of hunting ducks along Kentucky Lake near his Camden home. Today, Garry is one of West Tennessee’s top hunting and fishing guides and ducks are one of his favorite targets. As Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs discovered, the prospect of a fun day chasing feathered fowl with his best buddy Kenny Louden more than offsets the need for Garry to get up and at ’em before dawn.

When he’s not out guiding, Garry’s busy coaching the nationally recognized Bethel University bass fishing team. He’s also the founder of Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, recognizing men and women who have left a lasting mark on outdoor sports across the country. Past inductees include such sportsmen as anglers Roland Martin and Ray Scott, and hunters Brenda Valentine and Preston Pittman.

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