Sherwood Forest State Natural Area

We'll reveal how Tennessee's newest state natural area is made possible by a limestone lover.

Beautiful scenery… hiking adventures, possible sightings of animal wildlife and discovery of unique plants… are all natural trademarks for traveling across Tennessee.

You can find every one of them on the Cumberland Plateau, where there are multiple choices of places people are welcome to explore.

Sherwood Forest is connected to South Cumberland State Park and is the newest Tennessee State Natural Area.

It’s worth noting that David Withers has been honored with the Environmental Champion Award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for his work in preserving that threatened population of limestone loving invertebrates.

And we want to the express appreciation for the wonderful drone footage in our story… shot by Murray Geesling, part of the team at the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation… and also an airplane pilot.

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We’ll see what classroom instruction has to do with testing the water for life-changing experiences.

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