Sequatchie Valley International Preparatory Academy

An unusual school where every student is motivated to succeed by studying their favorite subject!!

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At the end of a long gravel road, nestled back in the Sequatchie Valley, surrounded by the majestic mountains that make up the Cumberland Plateau…you will find a very exclusive educational environment. In order to ensure the best opportunities only a few students are selected to live and learn at The Tennessee Guest Ranch in Dunlap. The young scholars are held to the highest standards, as they begin to study veterinary sciences, and are partnered with their own horse, in pursuit of academic excellence.

The students go home to visit with their families at least every four to six weeks. Administrators tell us each student must have a passport as international travel and mission work are also part of the program. In fact, they also have horses in Honduras giving the students an opportunity to pass on to others what they have already learned.

Sequatchie Valley International Preparatory Academy

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