Sequatchie Caddisfly

The rarely seen Sequatchie Caddisfly is a small animal that is crucial to the future of the entire Sequatchie Valley.

Anglers refer to it as “stick bait,” most people don’t see it, and biologists believe its future is very uncertain. The Sequatchie Caddisfly is one of those small, amazing animals that might be an afterthought to many. In truth, it plays a critical role in the ongoing health of the entire Sequatchie Valley, one of Tennessee’s most beautiful natural areas. As humans have intruded into its world, the Sequatchie Caddisfly has lost most of its population and living area. Today, it’s confined to a small corner of its original habitat. That’s where we find Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs exploring the unusual relationship of a cave, a spring, and a tiny animal that lives there.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) plans to join with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies to protect the Sequatchie Caddisfly. That’s important because the federal government is on track to reassess the tiny critter’s chances of survival before 2016. Biologists suspect the numbers of Sequatchie Caddisfly have become so small that they will be added to the ever growing endangered species list.

You can read the 2013 Sequatchie Caddisfly status survey prepared by Dr. John K. Moulton and Dr. Michael A. Floyd here.

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