Sauger Secrets

You don’t need a boat to catch sauger; from the bank at night when currents from a nearby dam move bait fish closer to shore works just as well.

For those who don’t know, sauger is a cousin to the walleye. In fact, save some obvious dark splotches the two would look almost alike. This long, slender fish is known for its sharp teeth, fighting spirit and delicious taste. Over the years the TWRA has worked hard to stock this native fish, once abundant before dams were built on our rivers. Today those stocking efforts are paying off for anglers like Doug Markham and Vernon Summerlin who join Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan for a day of sauger fishing at a very special place.     

You don’t need a boat to catch sauger…fishing from the bank at night when currents from a nearby dam move the bait fish closer to the shore works as well. Whichever way you try catching sauger remember to keep your fingers clear of the mouth and gills, which are razor sharp. If you would like to book a fishing trip with Chris, visit his website at or give him a call at 615-385-1116.

To learn more about fishing in Tennessee or check out the state fishing regulations, visit the TWRA website at

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