Percy Priest Spring Crappie & Bass

Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone and fishing guide Brian Carper head to Percy Priest Lake on a fine spring day perfect for crappie and bass fishing.

When it comes to fishing, Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone is kind of like the mailman…he always delivers! And he delivers in any kind of weather…hot, cold, rain, snow…nothing will keep him from catching fish. But Joey will be quick to tell you that although he fishes in pretty much any kind of weather, he much prefers the warm winds and gentle breezes of a spring day. Today we find Joey out on Percy Priest Lake with fishing guide Brian Carper looking to land some spring crappie and bass.

For those of you interested, one of Joey’s favorite baits for bass as well as super-size crappie is a Pro tube just a little shy of three inches in a color that bears his name, Monteleone Secret Silver. Made in the USA, they catch everything, everywhere. Ask specifically for color 0095 Monteleone Silver. You can order yours by calling at 870-935-4914 or on the internet at Midsouth Tackle.

Brian Carper has been guiding on Percy Priest and Old Hickory Lakes in Middle Tennessee for over ten years. To find out how to book a trip with Brian or sign up for his fishing report, just visit his website.

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