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Wild Side Guide Joey Monteleone introduces his Secret Silver lure

Released on June 10, 2013

(Nashville, TN) – A lure special enough for Joey Monteleone to put his name on it is something no serious fisherman should be without. The Wild Side guide and champion fisherman is releasing his“secret” weapon  to the public under the title 0095 Monteleone Secret Silver Tube. joey's lure

While at a boat and sports show in Jackson, Tennessee in 1995, Joey met Phyllis and Doyle Hudson,  owners of Midsouth Tackle Company. While looking through a rainbow of colored crappie tubes, the cornerstone of their business, he found a small bag of silver tubes with a very unusual shine. When Joey asked about them, Phyllis told him they were made by accident. 

Intrigued, Joey bought the bag and started fishing them. It didn’t take long to find that in a range of clear to muddy water, any season of the year, when sunlight hits them they give off a flash that matches the natural burst of color of a minnow in motion. More importantly they catch fish. Crappie can’t resist them.

Produced by accident, found by chance, this tube has accounted for so many fish, Joey kept it under wraps. Over the last several years crappie these silver tubes have helped Joey catch thousands of crappie, several dozen being over 2 pounds with the largest a 3 ½ pound, 19 ½ inch giant. When they see a picture of that fish, most people mistake it for a bass! 

“Everything that swims eats minnows; the flash of this bait resembles a minnow more closely than any other soft plastic I’ve ever thrown,” Monteleone said. “I fish this little secret on a 1/16 ounce leadhead and four pound test line. This incredible little bait has caught bass, catfish, bluegill, trout, white bass and even a carp.

For fans of a bigger bait that catches bass as well as super-size crappie, there’s a Pro tube just a little shy of three inches in the same color.

Made in the USA, they catch everything, everywhere. Ask specifically for color 0095 Monteleone Silver. You can order yours by calling at 870-935-4914 or on the internet at

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