Mustang Training with Julia Hunsberger

A young Tennessee woman is overcoming obstacles every single day in order to follow a path with great purpose.

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We’re about to introduce you to a remarkable young woman. 25-year-old Julia Hunsberger, a Memphis native, came into this world with birth defects. At age four she was involved in a tragic auto accident that could have killed her entire family. But for some of those who have stared down death and survived, it actually seems to increase their courage. So Julia rises above all that has come against her, pursuing a dangerous career in competitive horse training.

Although there is an auction at the end of the Extreme Mustang Makeover many of the trainers become so bonded with their horses that they find a way to keep them. We also spent a lot of time with Memphis and Julia and Annette ended up writing a children’s book about this special horse.

Episode 4301

Memphis and Julia are expected to compete in-hand at the 2024 Extreme Mustang Makeover June 20-23. But, unfortunately, due to an injury early in her training process, Julia will not be riding.

“Memphis the Mustang” a children’s book is set to be released at the 2024 Mustang Heritage Spectacular June 20-23 at the Williamson Ag Expo Center in Franklin, TN.

Memphis the Mustang Book

Buy Memphis the Mustang (

Buy Memphis the Mustang (

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Julia owns and operates Miles to Go Farm in Franklin.

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