Missing Nature

Nature photographer Byron Jorjorian is working toward enlightenment one photograph at a time. For people across Tennessee, Byron's work is almost like being there.

Young or old, we all need to spend time in nature. But in today’s fast-moving, push button, mobile, go-go-go, time-crunched world, the natural side of life sometimes gets overlooked. Nature photographer Byron Jorjorian is working to change that, one picture at a time. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker takes a look through Byron’s lens at the nature none of us should miss, on display at The Parthenon in Nashville.

Byron and the Nature Conservancy hope to take the photo exhibit to other cities across the state, giving more people a chance to experience some of these special places. While it’s not the same as actually being there, a great picture or video can take you somewhere you never thought you’d go.

To learn more about Byron and his work, visit his website, ByronJorjorian.com. You can also follow him on Facebook.

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