Mack Prichard-A Voice for the Wild

Meet a man who has had a hand in creating most of our state parks and natural areas, a voice for the wild we should all be thankful for.

Tennessee is blessed with many places where you can walk on the Wild Side. Our 111 Wildlife Management Areas, 82 State Natural areas, and 65 state and national parks help safeguard nearly two and a half million acres of public land in our state. It’s a legacy of conservation passed down to us all by some visionary leaders…people who looked at our land with wonder and wisdom, then acted to protect it.

Mack Prichard is one such person. Mack has been a voice for the wild since he was a teenager. He’s also been involved in the creation of most of our state parks and natural areas, documenting the Wild Side with thousands of pictures along the way. (Mack is never without a camera!) After a long career in the park service, Mack is retired now. But he’s still watching out for wildlife and preaching preservation. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker introduces us to a man we all owe a debt of gratitude.

While not everyone agrees with Mack’s preservation first mentality, no one can question his passion for all things wild and the impact that passion has had on all of us. Mack is still trying to get used to the idea of being retired, and says he’ll keep going as long he can stand up…and after that, as long as he can holler out.

Thank you Mack, for all that you have done to make it possible for all of us to enjoy the Wild Side…we truly appreciate your life’s work.

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