Kayak Competition

You won't find fancy bass boats powered by big gas engines at this tournament...just intense anglers going out with environmentally friendly kayaks powered by paddles.


Sometimes simple is just better. These days you can buy all kinds of fishing equipment. But catching fish doesn’t have to be complicated…casting a line with a bobber on a cane pole can still be a lot of fun. Anglers at the Kayak Fishing Tennessee State Championship certainly subscribe to that simpler is better philosophy. You won’t find fancy bass boats powered by big gas engines at this tournament…just intense anglers going out with environmentally friendly kayaks powered by paddles and the fire of friendly competition. Wild Side Guide Steve Hall takes us to Watts Bar Lake just outside of Knoxville, where anglers battled wind and water in search of a championship.

Top anglers from kayak fishing clubs across the state (determined by tourney results throughout they year) get to compete in the annual State Championship tourney. Congratulations to the winner of this tournament and new 2015 Tennessee State Champion, Justin Rongey from Chattanooga! Of course anglers are already gearing up for the 2016 championship, to be held at Pickwick Lake in West Tennessee.

As you might have noticed in our story, even something as simple as kayak fishing can get a little complicated if you let it…especially when you’re trying to get a competitive edge. But don’t let some of those fancy kayak fishing rigs keep you from giving it a try. You can get started for just a few hundred dollars. If you’re interested in giving it a try, joining a local club is a great way to start out. While they probably won’t tell you where their favorite fishing spots are, club anglers are happy to help with anything else. Here’s a list of clubs in Tennessee.

Chattanooga Bass Yakkers

Kayak Bass Fishing TN

Tennessee Kayak Anglers

Southern Middle TN Kayak Anglers

East Tennessee Kayak Anglers

West TN Bass Yakkers

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