In the Land of the Buffalo

A stirring blend of history and harmony.

Time passes quickly and no one knows that more than recording artists, Kim Person and Lana Puckett.

Over twenty years ago, after a cross-country tour, they sat down and wrote, “In the Land of the Buffalo.”

But, it was not recorded until now.

And, we are honored to be able to debut it for you here on the Wild Side.

Episode 3909

Kim Person (

In The Land of the Buffalo
© 2021, Cimirron/Rainbird Records, Inc.
© Lana Puckett & Kim Person
Cimirron/Rainbird Music, BMI
Produced by Kim Person for Cimirron/Rainbird Records, Inc.
Recorded and mixed at Cimirron/Rainbird Recording, Yorktown, VA
Mastered by Greg Lukens
Kim Person – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion and Strings
Mary Ann Kennedy – Harmony Vocals
Alison Prestwood – Bass
Jim Hoke – Wooden Flute
John Gardner – Percussion
Bill Gurley – Mando Cello
Video – RockWaterTV
Video/Producer Editor – Annette Nole Hall
Video Director – Steve Hall
Video Assistant Director – Ezekiel Hall

Special thanks to Brian Wood, Lana Puckett, Pam Rose and Lori Ridgeway
who once again brought the team together.

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