Hunters for the Hungry Triathlon

This race does a lot more than test athletes' speed and also helps provide much needed food for hungry Tennesseans.

The triathlon just might be the toughest of Olympic sports…long-distance, high-speed running, bike riding, and swimming, at a pace that would wear most of us out before we even got a good start. The “Hunters for the Hungry Triathlon” at Henry Horton State Park is a variation of that ancient competition, substituting paddling for the swimming portion of the race. And while the athletes are still seriously committed to winning, the competition is a bit more friendly. As Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby found out, it’s an event that does more than just get people outside… it also helps Tennessee families in need.

Hunters for the Hungry is an outreach of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. Hunters in our state have donated more than 4.2 million meals since the program got started almost 15 years ago. Hunters can donate all or a portion of their harvested deer at processing. There are 79 participating wild game processors in 63 Tennessee counties who receive donated venison during whitetail deer season, process the meat free or at a reduced rate, and make it available to local food banks and soup kitchens. One donated deer averages around 40 pounds of meat…that equals about 160 meals for hungry Tennesseans. You can help whether you hunt or not…financial donations, like the funds raised at this race, are a vital part of making the program work by helping cover the cost of processing the donated venison.  

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