Hellbender Release

We’ll take you way off the beaten path…to a place ripe for restoration of an endangered amphibian…

Hi Friends Welcome to the Wild Side I’m Steve Hall…

Ask how an Eastern Hellbender got its name, and you will most likely hear more than one colorful story…

Ask how it feels to hold one, and you may get a few detailed descriptions…

But, ask why the Hellbender needs to be repopulated in Tennessee…and you will get a unified answer from a team of scientists all working together.

Those working on the project include TWRA officers, as well as scientists and interns from The Nashville Zoo, Tennessee State University, Lee University, Middle Tennessee State University, and the University of Tennessee.

Episode 3912

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere | Nashville, TN

Laurel Hill WMA | State of Tennessee, Wildlife Resources Agency (tn.gov)

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