Hard Hunt, Big Harvest

Hunting elk in the rugged terrain of the North Cumberlands is a challenge for any hunter...but this hard hunt can lead to a really big harvest.

Most hunters will tell you that targeting elk is one of the most challenging outdoor experiences anyone can have. Tracking a huge animal that can cover miles in a day over some of the most rugged terrain imaginable makes for an intense trip—and some very sore muscles. Just ask Mike Graves whose most memorable hunt almost didn’t happen, all because he thought it was an elaborate practical joke. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan shows us how one man’s suspicions turned into the hunt of a lifetime.

The herd in East Tennessee has grown steadily since the first elk were re-introduced in 2000. It’s been slow growth, but enough that experts believe the future for the animals is promising. The fact that Mike’s bull elk was born in the Upper Cumberland area adds to that belief. Biologists say that harvesting an older bull like the one Mike took is actually healthy for the overall herd.

In addition to guiding elk hunts, Chris Nischan guides turkey and deer hunts and is an awesome fly-fishing guide. If you’re interested in booking an outing with him, visit his Rod & Gun Guide Service website.

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