Green Cabins

It’s a greener way to go and relax...see how Tennessee is staying on the cutting edge of technology by building energy efficient vacation villas at some state parks.

There was a lot of talk spreading around Crossville, Tennessee when truckloads of government construction crews showed up at Cumberland Mountain State Park. Some found it hard to believe what they heard was going on inside eleven new vacation cabins being built. Finally they were finished, the doors were opened and the people in the Upper Cumberland Region could see for themselves…cabins actually powered by electricity complete with indoor plumbing. It was a remarkable, history making moment, over 70 years ago. Today, Tennessee is still on the cutting edge of technology, introducing energy efficient vacation villas at two other state parks. As Wild Side Guide Annette Nole Hall shows us there is now a new “greener” way to get away and relax.

It didn’t take long after those first cabins were built up at Cumberland Mountain State Park for us to start taking electricity and indoor plumbing for granted. State officials believe those renting these new vacation villas will put more thought into how we use our natural resources and hopefully choose to conserve.

To find out how to rent your own green cabin, visit the Tennessee State Parks web site.

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