Governors Bass Tournament

Two long-time friends in a fishing boat trying win a bass tournament can only mean one thing...a fun day on the water!

If you put two good friends in the same boat during a bass tournament, there’s no end to the lies…or should we say stories…you’ll hear. That’s especially true if the two friends have been tested by fire and water, since both are former Special Forces soldiers. As Wild Side Guide Alan Griggs found out, their love for fishing as well as their competitive spirit can only mean one thing—a fun day on the water.

While they didn’t finish in first, Frank and Kenny’s catch of almost sixteen and half pounds of bass put them around the top 25. The team of Ireland Brown of Camden and Terrance Brown of Union City won the event that year with a total catch of 29 point 29 pounds. That’s more than six pounds ahead of the second place catch. The Browns took home the first prize of $4,000 along with another $1,884 for catching the big fish. It weighed in at 8 point 26 pounds. To learn more about the Governors Bass Tournament, call the APSU Governors Bass Tournament Hotline at
(931) 221-7024 or (931) 221-7127 during business hours. After hours call (931) 624-2909 or (931) 436-1044. Or you can visit them on the web.

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