Fainting Goats For Lucy

See a baby fainting goat in Cross Plains, Tennessee choose its new best friend.

We would introduce you to a little girl named Lucy who has found true love at Lana Osborne’s fainting goats farm in Robertson County. Although Lucy is only five years old, she is taking on the responsibility of raising five baby goats. But one of those five chose Lucy. He was identified at birth by the letter A and the number one. It fits him so well, it looks like Lucy will keep that as his name. We applaud Lana’s ability to love these little goats, like her children, and then watch them leave for a new life. But, our story doesn’t end with the cries of a mama goat. The day after A1 went to live with Lucy, her dad sent us a message that A1 was adjusting nicely and already loves afternoon rides around Red River Farm.

Episode 4303

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