Earl Pemberton and the Old #1

Meet Earl Pemberton, World War II veteran, cancer survivor, and a man who loves to go fishing...in a very special boat!

There’s not much Earl Pemberton doesn’t like to do outside. Earl has spent most if his life outdoors and at 86 years old, he’s not about to stop. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker introduces us to a man who’s been fishing longer than most of us have been alive…and he does it out of a very special boat.

We were privileged to meet Earl and to tell part of his story. As a World War II veteran and a cancer survivor, Earl has been through some tough times…but he keeps right on going. As Earl says, ” I just kind of lean with the punches. Take things as they come.”

Of course Earl loves fishing. While he was a little disappointed he didn’t catch more fish the day we were there (it was a tough day…nobody was!), there’s no doubt Earl has caught his share of whoppers. But Earl doesn’t care what size fish he catches…he’s just glad to be out on the water. Earl we thank you for your service to our country and your community…we’re glad we got to know you!

We’d like to thank Janice and Wayne Simpson for sharing some eagle pictures with us to use in the story…we really appreciate your help. And we’d also like to thank Doug Markham for telling us about Earl and the Old #1. Doug hosts an outdoor radio show on Super Talk 99.7 every Saturday morning from 5-7am.

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