Doggy Paddling

These days more people are paddling with their pooches...but before you head out on the water with your dog, you need to have a plan in place.


These days people aren’t the only ones wearing life-jackets. Head to a river or lake and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone out enjoying time on the water with a canine companion. And while it makes perfect sense to combine a love of outdoor adventure with a love for your pet, doing it in a canoe or kayak might not be as simple as you think. As Wild Side Guide Janet Ivey found out from longtime paddler (and bonafide dog-lover) Samantha Christen, there are a few things to consider before taking a dog along on your next paddling trip…like making sure your furry friend has their own life-jacket.

If you are interested in taking your dog paddling, here is a little checklist Samantha uses before she takes her dogs out on the water.

   -Med kit with antihistamine, tea tree oil, lavender, vet wrap, wound balm
   -Doggy treats & extra food
   -Poop bags (plastic containers are great for storing waste)
   -Towels (1 for the boat & 1 for the take out)
   -Traction pad (to put under the deck bungees for dog to sit/stand on; car floor mats work well)
   -Laminated copy of current rabies license
   -Collar & ID tags

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