Cumberland River Striped Bass

Travel to the Cumberland River with fishing guide Bob Angello in search of striped bass, a muscular fish that puts up quite a fight when hooked.

“Linesides” is just one of the names for a muscular fish that puts up an exciting fight when hooked. The nickname comes from the black lines found along the sides of the striped bass, also called rockfish or striper. These fish are known for their size and spirit, making striper fishing more and more popular. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan traveled to the Cumberland River with fishing guide Bob Angello to show us just how big and fiesty these fish are.

The state record for a striped bass is 65 pounds, 6 ounces, caught in the Cordell Hull Reservoir by Ralph Dallas, whose striper stories and catches have become legendary in our state. That’s a big fish, but Ralph will be the first one to tell you that even bigger stripers lurk in our waters. Stripers are a saltwater fish that breed in freshwater streams.While they thrive in our lakes and rivers, they have difficulty breeding here, primarily because of the dams. That means Tennessee stripers are stocked, which is why practicing catch and release with these awesome fish is one of the best ways to ensure good striper fishing for many years to come.

If you would like to give striper fishing a try, give Bob a call at 615-498-7833 or visit his website.

While he doesn’t specialize in striper fishing like Bob does, preferring to fly-fish for trout, Chris is an experienced hunting and fishing guide and can help you find the perfect place to hunt or fish. Click here to visit his website.

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