Cross Plains Wild Horse and Burro Center

Come along with us and meet a Tennessee agriculture couple who turned their family farm into something really wild!

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A child born with a passion for horses is likely to pursue a dream others might see as impossible.

But, when that child grows up and partners with someone equally as unwavering, the outcome can exceed even their own expectations.

It happened that way for Randall and Paula Carr, owners and operators of the Cross Plains Wild Horse and Burro Center. They were the recipients of a federal contract that could have gone to more likely candidates in other states. But back in 1979 the Bureau of Land Management picked them and their family farm in Middle Tennessee.

Despite their continuing plans to fully retire, Randall and Paula still receive regular requests to reinstate their Wild Horse and Burro Ranch. They have both won numerous awards and continue to actively advocate for the adoption of wild mustangs and burros.

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