Cookeville Buffalo

Baby buffalo being born on a Cookeville ranch are helping grow the herd nationwide.

Hi Friends Welcome to the Wild Side I’m Steve Hall…

Hot dog and hamburger bun eating buffalo are not necessarily the norm. But, neither is the Lazy G Ranch in Cookeville.

The family farm is home to way more than the average number of bison…and you’re welcome to stop by and see them, or maybe even feed them, if the family is home.

The large herd is part of a national plan to repopulate the hills and plains with this iconic creature.

The Gaw’s also own the Cookeville Boat Dock so if you have a hankering for a bison burgers, you can find one there…USDA approved.

You might also find it interesting the Gaw’s have sold starter herds to some recognizable Tennesseans including The Band Perry.

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