Collins River Muskie

There's something swimming in the Collins River with a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth that will make your heart pump faster! It’s called muskellunge or muskie and it's certainly a challenge to catch.

Are you looking for a challenge? There’s something swimming in the Collins River that might get your interest. It’s strong with a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth that’ll make your heart pump faster. The Native Americans called this large, uncommon fish the “ugly pike.” Today it’s called muskellunge, more commonly known by its shortened name—Muskie. Wild Side Guide Chris Nischan had never caught a Muskie until he teamed up with a veteran angler who knows the fish and its habitat.

Muskies are so aggressive, they will actually eat one another. Their main diet is fish, but they’ve been know to eat muskrats, mice, frogs, and even water birds. For more on Tennessee muskies, visit

Fishing on Tennessee’s lakes, rivers, and streams is fantastic year round. Learn the latest regulations and great places to go by visiting, home of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

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