Cold Water Cats

For those anglers willing to brave freezing temperatures on the cold waters of Chickamauga Lake, patience and persistence often pay off in trophy catfish.


Most folks don’t really care for a long, cold winter. Duck hunters are an exception, as well as a few hardcore catfishermen who know that, if you’ve got the patience, winter fishing can pay BIG dividends. Wild Side Guide Richard Simms takes us along for some Coldwater Cattin’.

Both the fish we saw Richard catch, and especially the one Ty caught, both would have qualified for the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program that recognizes trophy catches. To learn more about that program, visit the TARP website.

When he’s not working on Wild Side stories, Richard Simms is often out on the water for one of his other occupations…fishing guide. Richard holds a wildlife & fisheries management degree, is a former Wildlife Officer, an outdoor journalist and book author with 40 years experience as a “Tennessee River Rat” … he’s ready to share an “up close & personal” experience to Chattanooga’s finest fishing. You can reach him at Scenic City Fishing Charters to book a fantastic fishing trip.

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We’ll see what classroom instruction has to do with testing the water for life-changing experiences.

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