Chincoteague Pony Penning Week: The Auction & The Names

We'll see what happens when a wild pony auction takes a historic turn... And find out how some of the ponies are purchased in honor of someone special.

Hi friends, welcome to the Wild Side… I’m Steve Hall…

The Jackson Foundation in Dickson is not only responsible for the creation of Tennessee’s Wild Side, but also supports the show, financially, so we can bring it to you. This season, The Foundation went further, and made it possible for us to travel to Chincoteague, Virinia following a McEwen couple who own five Chincoteague ponies. Denny and Teresa Hemphill decided if we were going… we should pick a pony and bid on one too.

Money used to purchase the ponies is considered a deductible, charitable donation to the Chincoteague Virginia Volunteer Fire Department. But there are many reasons people bid on Chincoteague ponies… some want them because they grew up reading the book or watching the movie, Misty. Others purchase the ponies to honor someone they lost… and at least one of them is named for a Tennessee celebrity.

Episode 4103

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