Chincoteague Pony Penning Week: The Wrap Up & The Swim Back

We'll share some sweet moments... and a little Secret... in our final days on Chincoteague Island... where a country music legend is remembered by a faithful fan.

Hi Friends, I’m Steve Hall Welcome to the Wild Side…

Three weeks ago we started a series of stories documenting one of the most amazing weeks in Wild Side history.

So many things happened as we followed a McEwen couple across state lines we couldn’t possibly confine them to one single story.

Our docuseries, originally intended to be three segments, expanded into seven, and we anticipate an eighth later in the season.

It seemed the only way to do justice to a place where dreams really do come true…and some unexpected things happen for the people who live there.

Our little Secret is what they refer to as a fall pickup. She was only a month old the day of the auction, so she returned to Assateague with her mother. Sometime in the next few weeks, we will take you back to Chincoteague for the wild adventure of bringing her home to Tennessee.

And, as a reminder, every pony purchased at the auction, is property of the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. So the entire purchase price is fully tax deductible…just in case you want one too.

Episode 4104

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