Chickasaw Horse Stables

An ageless outdoor opportunity that can change the way you about an hour.

The owner of Mangrum’s Farrier Service, (Greg Mangrum) over in Primm Springs Tennessee likes to say God didn’t make people to help the horses… He made horses to help the people.” So in the spirit of that wisdom, we travel into the depths of the forest at Chickasaw State Park for an ageless outdoor opportunity that can change how you feel in about an hour.

Horses are available for rent March through November. It’s $25 an hour and owner Mike Howell claims a 99.9 percent success rate… with a lot of return business. Mike says they always give riders plenty of time to get comfortable on a horse before heading off into the hills. 731-609-6562.

Greg Mangrum/Mangrum’s Farrier Service 615-354-4432 or 615-946-4025

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Chickasaw State Park Horse Stables

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