Chattanooga Crappie Club

Normally a reclusive bunch, these fishermen in Chattanooga are coming together as a group to network, share tips, compete and catch lots of crappie!


Fishermen are usually a solitary bunch — one or two guys or gals on the water enjoying Tennessee’s Wild Side. Occasionally, however, fishermen like to network. The bass anglers have been doing it for years with bass clubs and bass tournaments. Other fishermen… not so much. But in Chattanooga, those days are changing. A group of hardcore crappie fishermen are networking, sharing, competing and fundraising. Wild Side Guide Richard Simms hit the water one day at  Harrison Bay State Park with several officers of the CCC — the Chattanooga Crappie Club.

If you are interested in learning more about the Chattanooga Crappie Club, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook. In addition to specializing in really big crappie, also know as “slab” crappie, the club also gives back to the community. One of their most popular tournaments benefits the “Forgotten Child Fund,” a non-profit sponsored by the Chattanooga Fire Department that distributes Christmas toys to needy children.

When he’s not working on Wild Side stories, Richard Simms is often out on the water for one of his other occupations…fishing guide. Richard holds a wildlife & fisheries management degree, is a former Wildlife Officer, an outdoor journalist and book author with 40 years experience as a “Tennessee River Rat” … he’s ready to share an “up close & personal” experience to Chattanooga’s finest fishing. You can reach him at Scenic City Fishing Charters to book a fantastic fishing trip.

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