Buffalo River Adventure

For those looking to get away from it all, a fishing and camping trip down the Buffalo River...118 miles to its confluence with the Duck...is the perfect place to go.


In a modern world filled with fast cars, crammed schedules, and a never-ending “to do” list, sometimes it’s hard to find time to really get away from it all. But that’s exactly what Seth McRae did when he decided to spend nine days paddling and fishing 118 miles of the Buffalo River with his friend Jason Hassan. Wild Side Guide Ken Tucker was there when they started their journey on a tiny stretch of the river.

Here’s a link to a google map with tons of information on bridges, campgrounds, access points, and interesting spots along the way, in case you are interested in duplicating Jason and Seth’s river adventure. And we’d like to give a big Wild Side shout out to Evan Bone from Bone’s Canoe and Campground, a family run outfitter near Hurricane Mills, just 4 miles off I-40. Not only did Even (who grew up on the river) provide some great background on the Buffalo for the story, he also went out of his way to help us on the last day of the shoot…even took care of shuttling our vehicle down to the takeout. Thanks Evan! If you are looking for a fun paddling adventure on the Buffalo, give them a shout…you’ll be glad you did. For more information or to make reservations you can give them a call at 931-209-5908 or visit them on the web at BonesCanoeAndCampground.com. Be sure to tell them the Wild Side crew told you to come!

If you love paddling and want to get more involved in preserving and protecting beautiful rivers like the Buffalo, you might be interested in joining the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association. Whether they are cleaning a river or stream, paddling, building an access site or teaching a school, TSRA members love being on the water and sharing that passion with others.

Paddling with a group can be a great way to get started in the sport. Paddle Adventures Unlimited is a meetup based group in Middle Tennessee that is always looking for new members and despite their name, paddling is not a requirement. Membership is free…all you need is a love of the outdoors, a desire for adventure, and a willingness to embrace a paddling attitude! You can check them out online PaddleAdventuresUnlimited.com, email them at paddleadventures@gmail.com, and follow them on Facebook. You can also watch this story we did with them a couple of years ago.

Like the folks at Paddle Adventures, we encourage anyone who gets out on the water to wear a Personal Flotation Device! It is the #1 way to prevent fatalities on the water. If you are new to paddling or just getting back into the sport and need a refresher course on some paddling guidelines, try watching this Wild Side story on River Etiquette.

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